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Jas Patrick playing his guitar and Farmer foot drum at the Shubb Capos booth at Summer NAMM 2014. Jas is singing one of his new songs from his upcoming album.

Summer NAMM 2014

Ahhh, Summer NAMM 2014. What can one say about acres upon acres of wonderful toys and musicianly accoutrements? Probably nothing that hasn’t already been said; but … [Read More]

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Tron arcade cabinet from 1982 photographed by Jas Patrick at Game Galaxy Arcade in Antioch, Tennessee

Game Galaxy Arcade and RETRO Video Game Magazine

I don't normally start out a blog by admiring the featured image--it's almost rude, don't you think? It's kind of like walking up to a nice woman with whom you'd like to start a conversation and proudly declare your best feature is, "banging like a … [Read More]

A picture of many things which are considered to identify with the United Kingdom. It's generalized bullshit, mainly; but you know, whatever you can do to put an entire population of people in a little box is always nice. God bless the Queen, what, what?

British Rock (and to a lesser extent Britpop)

I absolutely frigging love British Rock. I’ve always enjoyed British Rock. I can’t remember a time when I did not. Since I’m already Pabst-caring and I’ve only just started, one may reasonably surmise that I may get a tad gushy; yeah… That’s probably going to … [Read More]

Picture of Jas Patrick's Mesa Boogie 5:50 Express Plus amplifier. Black mesh face, beautifully built, sounds incredibly amazing and looks damn sexy.

Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 Plus

  If you’re anything like me (and let’s face it, none of you little bastards are) then you know that nothing fits better, feels righter or makes you feel more like a real man than a good pair of boots...  (Ha!  Who says shit like that?  I mean... … [Read More]